A Guide for Determining Correct Bar Stool & Chair Seat Heights

1. Accurately measure from the floor to the top of the counter top where you intend to place your stool.

2. Consider the thickness of the counter, and make sure you leave enough clearance for sitting up and under that counter.

3. Leave anywhere from 8 inches to 11 inches or so for your legs, and the legs of the largest likely user of that bar stool. If you have a relative who visits, and that person has really large legs, will they be able to fit on top of the stool, and under the counter?

All measurements are going to be based on the TOP of that prospective barstool (or chair). This will be the SEAT HEIGHT.

4. Assuming around 1-2 inches for the thickness of the counter, then you need anywhere from 9 inches to 13 inches from the TOP OF THE STOOL/CHAIR to the TOP OF THE COUNTER OR TABLE.

Here is a grid for determining how high your stool (or chair) should be:

• Table Height: 28” to 30” high (a typical dining room or kitchen table): Seat height around 18 inches for your dining room chairs or kitchen chairs.

• Typical Kitchen Counter Height: 36 inches high: Counter stools height around 24 to 26 inches seat height.

• Bar Counter height: Standard is 42 inches high (but measure it to be sure): Standard bar stool seat height would run around 30-31 inches.

• Extra tall Bars: These can run up as high as 48 inches: You will need extra tall bar stools that could have seat heights of anywhere from 34 inches to 36 inch.

Helpful hints:

1. Remember, measure “seat heights” from the top of the seat to the floor – and absolutely not to the top of the seat back.

2. For bar stools, try and create a bar stool “mock up.”

Take a chair, pile on some books, sit on the chair/book pile and under the counter in question, and get it just right – and measure from the top of the book pile to the floor.

There’s your optimal seat height.

Inaccurate seat height estimation is the number one reason why people try and return their stools. Because of our stringent NO RETURN POLICY on customized stools, you have to be very meticulous about this particular step.